Rescue mission: young Rocco is kept in a cold, metal cage all his life

Rescue mission: young Rocco is kept in a cold, metal cage all his life

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Rocco the bear has never known a life outside of the cold metal cage he calls ‘home’. Today you could stop this cruelty.

Like most captive bears in Albania, we believe poor Rocco was stolen from his mother as a cub. Ever since, he’s been confined to this small metal cage. Rocco’s now 9 years old and deserves a better life! 

If we don’t act now Rocco could be sold any day to another unfit animal trader or – worse still – even starve to death because the owner is not willing to take care for him anymore. Today you could help rescue Rocco before it’s too late!

The cage Rocco lives in is small and offers no shelter from the cold or wet weather. Rocco gnaws at the metal bars in desperation of escape which risks causing permanent and painful damage to his teeth. He’s severely stressed and chews constantly at his nails to manage his trauma. 

Give him a new life

Rocco is one of Albania’s Saddest Bears. We want to put an end to the cruel keeping of bears in Albania as part of our “Saddest Bears” campaign. Together with the Albanian Ministry of Environment, we want to jointly find a solution for the last bears living in catastrophic conditions in Albania. Rocco is one of them! 

Thank you for your support and contribution to making these rescues a reality. 

Yours sincerely,























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