1 million people want “End the Cage Age”!


Petition “End The Cage Age” breaks the critical mark and writes history for the animals!

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The Association Against Animal Factories (VgT, Austria) and 170 other clubs from across the EU have already collected more than 1 million signatures in just 9 months to end the caging.

One million EU citizens for ending the caging Petition “End The Cage Age” breaks the critical mark and writes history for the animals!


As of today, over one million EU citizens have signed the European Citizens’ Initiative “End The Cage Age” – the largest movement for more animal welfare in the European Union.

Together with more than 170 animal and environmental protection organizations, the VEREIN GEGEN TIERFABRIKEN (Association Against Animal Factories) has launched this European Citizens’ Initiative, which aims to end caging for all agricultural “livestock”.

kanninchen farm-01
Over 300 million mother pigs, laying hens, rabbits, ducks and geese are still kept in cages. These cages are sparse, narrow and deny the animals their most important need: to move freely.
“End The Cage Age” aims to break this system and potentially save hundreds of millions of animals in the EU each year from this unnecessary suffering, setting a strong milestone for the abolition of animal factories.

huhn massentierhaltung

VGT campaigner Georg Prinz is pleased: “One million signatures are a huge milestone and we are proud to work with so many other clubs and initiatives on behalf of the animals, but the fight for the cages is far from over.
We will continue to collect signatures until September to ensure that the newly elected European Parliament understands how important this concern is to its citizens!

Together we demand: End The Cage Age – let’s end the cage age! “

In a modern, civilized society, it is intolerable how one deals with sentient beings.
Prince continues: “Cages are one of the worst of all devices and measures to bring animals under human control, and it is time for us to evolve as a society and end this obsolete practice of keeping animals behind bars.
A life in a cage is not a liveable life for an animal. “


Petition (for those who not yet signed)https://vgt.at/actionalert/endthecageage2019/index.php

My comment: Yes! It’s a wonderful initiative with great results already.
But I immediately thought of our other great campaign the “8hours Campaign” against the long animal transports.
At that time, we had collected 1.2 million signatures, it was the largest number ever to have collected for a petition!
Today, the animals still suffer in the truck for days.
And the responsible persons of this useless club (EU) can not do anything.

We need to learn something from this, we must accompany this one million signatures with a strategy and finalize a Plan B, should the EU Commissioners ignore this spectacular number of signatures and stand on the side of the agrarian mafia again.

But most of all, we have to be optimistic.
What once did not work, maybe this time works!

My best regards, Venus



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