Pass Resolution for Worldwide Dog Meat Ban. – What About the Rest ?



WAV Comment –

We are including this petition as it is well justified; we are fully aware of the horrendous suffering and slaughter at places such as Yulin; but we also say:

Are not millions of farm animals in the West not tortured and killed for food as well ? – pigs going alive into scalding tanks; ritual slaughter of sheep and chickens without stunning ?

Do we not submit live farm animals to horrendous live transport regimes in the West ? – are live pigs, sheep, chickens and calves not transported for many a long hour across Europe and the USA only to be slaughtered inhumanely at the end of their journey of hell – extreme heat, overcrowding etc ?

‘Hungry, thirsty, and suffering disease and broken bones’ – sounds like what goes on in many Western intensive farming practices to us !

Dog is sheep is cow is pig is chicken is calf. The suffering of all sentient beings need to be addressed – only when we in the West change animal production and slaughter methods should it really start tell others. Going Vegan and putting a stop to dead animals on your plate is the start – do it.

Animals are ALL sentient beings – no matter where they exists on this planet !

yulin 16 3



Kanninchen im Korb und Schlachthofo

EU Rabbit Slaughter


Below – Stray Dog Cruelty – Romania EU

Streuner Hund in Rumänien

Below – Watering Pigs during Transport – USA / Canada

Image result for pigs in transport


Below – Yulin Do Meat Slaughter

Image result for yulin


Below – EU Slaughterhouse Meat

Related image


Below – Croatian Slaughterhouse – EU

Image result for slaughterhouse


Below – Slaughterhouse In Israel

Image result for slaughterhouse


Below – Live Animal Transport EU

Image result for live animal transport


Below – Yulin Live Animal Transport

Image result for live animal transport yulin

Below – Lychees and Dog Meat Plate – Yulin

Image result for live animal transport yulin


Below – Sirloin Steak on Plate – USA

Image result for steak on plate


Petition link:


Pass Resolution for Worldwide Dog Meat Ban


PETITION TARGET: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

A new resolution introduced in Los Angeles City Council aims to pressure governments throughout Southeast Asia to end the brutally cruel dog meat industry, in which tens of millions of dogs are tortured and killed for food in Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and other nations.

For a dog, this gruesome industry is Hell on Earth. The animals are bound, crammed into tiny, rusty cages with dozens of other dogs, and transported to meat markets or slaughterhouses.

Hungry, thirsty, and suffering disease and broken bones, these terrified animals must then watch their cage mates tortured and killed in front of them as they wait for their turn.

Because many people believe dog meat is more tender and provides more health benefits if the animal suffers during death, dogs are often hung, beaten, or electrocuted by the butchers.

While some countries have laws barring killing dogs and selling them for food, many of these regulations are unenforced.

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s resolution (CF 19-0002-S101) urges the governments listed above to ban the sale of dog meat and enforce animal cruelty laws.

While these atrocities may be happening far away from home, animals worldwide deserve our protection and respect; we have the power to influence decision-makers overseas and save the lives of millions of dogs every year.

Sign this petition asking LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to fully support — and work to pass — this important resolution.




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