The “worst zoo in the world” is in Egypt!




They are cruel pictures. The Giza zoo in Egypt is a horror for the animals. It is time for Egypt to close this zoo and free these innocent animals!

In many ways Egypt rivals China in its abhorrent treatment of animals.

giza, egypt, march 4, 2017: white brown monkey in cage at giza zoo

Animals in extremely small confined spaces with no food or water. Elephants are chained up, lions are circling neurotically in tight cages, the animals there are far too close to each other, many are sore and apathetic.
The Giza Zoo, founded in 1891, used to be the most spectacular – and popular – zoo in all of Africa.

Today, it’s a shadow of what it once was.

Animals live in crowded cages and are rarely exercised. Zookeepers were also known to pad their wallets by charging visitors to enter the cages.

chimpanzee in cage at giza zoo, egypt

Video footage from the zoo shows an elephant’s foot chained to a post preventing the animal from walking around. Other animals are just slaughtered.

The “worst zoo in the world” is in Egypt

Egypt’s Giza Zoo has been described by Egyptian Streets as “the worst zoo in the world” and a “zoo of horror”.
Tripadvisor reviews describe filthy, tiny cages and unfortunate, sick animals. Photos show lion cubs being held by visitors and animals beaten with sticks. This zoo must be closed immediately, so a petition that was sent to us.


Zoo Giza pg

In researching Egypt, we also came across animal torture for tourism. With all the political chaos in Egypt, it is easy to forget the suffering of its animals. Animals in ancient Egypt were once valued and respected, but like China, there is no animal welfare. The animals are exposed to every kind of abuse imaginable.

But not only the horror zoo leads to a boycott was called to make a holiday in Egypt. The rampant abuse of horses, camels and donkeys at major attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza has also led to this.

A trip to the famous pyramids of Giza (of which we had reported in our blog ( should have been a hell of a vacation for an hungarian tourist. She was shocked and outraged by what she had seen.

Inside the pyramid complex, emaciated horses panted and kicked as they climbed a steep slope with tourists.
The drivers whipped them out to make them run faster. Some horses slipped and stumbled on the smooth asphalt and others had open wounds. Despite the summer heat, there was no water supply.

“I was shocked,” the tourist recalled. It was like in another world. “

Kamel.pyramiden pgA collapsed camel at the pyramids on a Friday, the most important day of the week for tourism. Heba Khamis for the New York Times


It is time for Egypt to close this zoo and free these innocent animals!

In today’s Egypt the animals suffer a very heavy fate. The country has almost no laws protecting wild and domesticated animals and they are exposed to every kind of abuse imaginable.

Egypt competes in many ways with China for the appalling treatment of animals.


My comment: Most tourists visiting Cairo close their eyes.
They open it only to the world wondering to look at the pyramids, and the tragic miracle of what happens next to them, the misery of the work animals and their brutal torture leaves them indifferent.

This is the continuation of slavery in the 21st century.
2500 BC it was slaves who performed these miracles.
Today the animals are the slaves who every day and in miserable condition have to transport the tourists of their owners.
But these torments are favored by the stupid tourists who allow their use of obviously tortured animals to cause new suffering.

Please sign and share the Petition:


My best regards to all, Venus


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