Romanian Sheep Transporter Ship – Update 31/7/19.

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Romanian Sheep Transporter Ship


Update 31/7/19 1600hrs GMT.

The vessel is currently under its own power movement in the Persian Gul; West of Kaki / Khormoj (Iran).
It is doing around 14.5 knots; and we do not expect any more stops before the vessel arrives in Kuwait, which is scheduled for 3/8.

Temperature currently 37 degrees, which is substantially higher than the maximum EU Regulations defined in 1/2005 for transporting animals; which EU member states should comply with when transporting animals. Romania IS a member state of the EU. As we have said for a very long time, EU rules in animal welfare mean absolutely nothing – they are worth less than the paper they are written on.


We would like to thank everyone who has expressed concerns (via our site) about this shipment, which we are pleased to be able to give you regular daily updates on.  Once the vessel has completed its arrival in Kuwait and we have the data recorded, then we can move on with our actions.  We need to get data on the completion of the shipment; as this then means we have data for the entire transport from Romania; which we consider is a good source of reference.

At the moment, we (WAV) are discussing the best ways to move forward in order that we bring this shipment to the attention of relevant people that matter.

The EU has basically closed down now for Summer holidays – lets hope MEP’s are not going to the Middle East by ship, as we would not want to see them standing in their own faeces and urine for long periods of time in such high temperatures – or would we ? – if this were the case, maybe they would actually do something about it.

Contacting Romanian government departments is currently being considered as another option.  More info to come about all this once we have fully tracked the entire shipment of this vessel back to Kuwait and thus have a full recored of the journey.

Regards Mark (WAV)

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