Ireland: ‘It would be kinder to shoot them’: Ireland’s calves set for live export.



I was involved with Irish calf live exports several years ago – I even wrote a report for the EU on it back in 2010 – a document of 110 pages or more representing a series of combined undercover investigations undertaken by UK (Kent Action Against Live Exports) , French (PMAF), Dutch (Eyes on Animals) and German (Animals Angels) animal welfare organisations.  As expected when it comes to animal welfare, the EU is pretty slow out of the starting blocks.  We / I never had any response to the report; and the calf trade continues to this day – along with all the abuses.  That is why I personally have no faith in the EU.

Here is a link to (basically) what was involved – scroll down until you see the pictures of the calves obtained during the investigations: 


PMAF Inv 7


Here is just one small section of one of the investigations which is given in the above – but it does show the non compliances of the trade relating to so called EU Regulations on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport and what the hauliers / staging post owners are doing to avoid the regulations.  A lot of work, which is very detailed and timed to the very minute.  Very valid evidence of a corrupt trade; but a trade which the EU wants everyone to think is controlled by legislation and rules; when in fact, they do not mean a thing: 


There is no way to stop this other than switch from cows milk to plant based – by doing so you remove all the cruelty given above – Note – all the time you drink cows milk you are personally responsible by contributing to this suffering; look at the pictures, do you want to be part of this ?


So go plant based – Thank you.


Regards Mark.


irish 2


irish 3

irish 1

irish 4


PMAF Inv 5


‘It would be kinder to shoot them’: Ireland’s calves set for live export

It would be “kinder to shoot” the hundreds of thousands of unwanted male dairy calves due to be born in Ireland this year, rather than export them to the Middle East or let them die on the farm, experts have told the Guardian.

Irish farmers have hit a streak of gold on dairy exports, and as a result the industry has rapidly expanded, with the national dairy herd rising from about 1m in 2010 to 1.6m this year.

But that creates a whole new problem. Dairy cows generally give birth every year in order to maintain their milk output. But male dairy calves are no use to the farmer as they cannot produce milk, which means that Ireland will need to deal with as many as 800,000 unwanted male calves this year, in what has been described by the Irish agricultural press as a “calf tsunami”.


Continue to read this very full report at:


PMAF Inv 4

One thought on “Ireland: ‘It would be kinder to shoot them’: Ireland’s calves set for live export.”

  1. People rape bulls and cows, abduct male calves, torture, use and kill all these families – under the name: animal husbandry, ” industry ”, although it is clear to every normal age that crimes are a space dimension.


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