Business with animal suffering




After decades of campaigns, the last German fur farm closed last year. A great success for animal protection (we have reported about it:

Unfortunately, the trade in furs from other countries is still booming. Almost 100 million minks, foxes, raccoon dogs, raccoons, rabbits and chinchillas are still killed each year because of their fur. They are kept in tiny grid cages, trapped or shot. They are killed with electric shocks, car exhaust fumes or blows, sometimes even skinned alive.

Hunde-Pelz in ChinajpgChina Fur Farm


While more and more fashion companies do without real fur, Amazon offers real fur in an alarmingly large number and at very reasonable prices. These include furs from China, a country where there is not even an animal protection law. Please help us stop this!
In an open letter, we asked Amazon to stop trading in fur.

Please support us and sign the petition that we launched together with the German Animal Welfare Office.




And I mean… Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Virgin founder Richard Branson invest millions in a future without meat.

Why shouldn’t Jeff Bezos go one step further and stop trading fur products? After all, the fur business is over, one fashion house after the other takes these bloody accessories from the range, the shops no longer participate and many buyers switch to great imitations.  A trading would only damage Amazon’s image.

The fact that we still see some brainless fur wearers on the street is thanks to the fur farms that exist in Poland and Denmark, both of which are Europe’s largest fur producers.

nerzfarm-daenemark-02-1000px-c-peta-dMink farm Denmark


According to the international fur association, around 75 million mink furs worth around 1.97 billion euros were produced worldwide in 2016. In addition there were around 15 million fox furs with an estimated value of 780 million euros. About half come from China.

Denmark  is the largest supplier of mink fur in Europe and worldwide. More than 17 million mink are grown here on the approximately 1,600 farms, the fur of which was sold for the equivalent of 635 million euros. Unlike in Poland, Europe’s second largest fur producer, there is no major discussion about prohibitions here.
The company near Copenhagen alone breeds 21,000 American minks, also known as mink (!!!)

There is no really rational reason to gas and skin animals alive, except for one that is uninformed or unconscious.
But nobody wants to remain uninformed today if they have a developed conscience.

My best regards to all, Venus

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