The measure of all things is the life!


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We owe the first step to downgrading animals to the commodity level to the theory and conviction of the Church.

“Animals have no soul, animals only have instincts and are therefore automatically not the same as people who have mind and soul – given by God”!
This idiotic theory of the church still has its fatal consequences for animals til today.

But much earlier, on 486 BC the brilliant Greek philosopher Protagoras, who was not under specific belief, has made the primitive moral saying a manifesto of humanism: “The human being is the measure of all things “!

To date, this has given the human species the fascist right of the superior race, the right to torture, enslavement, exploitation and murder when and how it suits them.

And thus, everyone who belongs to the human species has rights, the “others” do not.

In order to morally justify our crimes against animals, over the years we have invented a number of pseudo-scientific explanations, such as: animals have no soul, animals have an underdeveloped brain, animals do not have highly developed thinking skills like humans, animals can not speak …  principles, wich are nothing else, as an ideological bullshit without real importance.

“It is not a question of whether they can think or speak. The only question is whether they can suffer”. (Jeremy Bentham)
A nice quote.
Which, incidentally, makes the quotation from Protagoras unusable.
Unless we change that.
“The measure of all things is the life”!

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My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “The measure of all things is the life!”

  1. Very brave to write true feelings. I could cry when I think of animals that are mistreated. A few months ago I was at the local pet store. Apparently, a woman had been evicted from her apartment along with 21 guinea pigs. At the pet store there was a sign on a cage that said, “Free Guinea Pigs, just buy the cage.” I looked at those two little creatures. They were huge. They were kindof cute but not in the way that they would’ve been had they been with me since they were babies. The cage they were put in was horrible. Used, nothing special. They slept together under a plastic house. I practically cried when I saw them. No one was going to want them. The store was saying they were babies. They were not babies. They were probably at the end of their lives. I wanted so badly to take them home and give them a warm home for the rest of their days. I didn’t. If I let myself do that I would live in an animal hoarding situation. I have rescued dogs and cats. I keep wanting to go back to see if they are still there. I can’t. I can’t make myself go and see that no one wants to love them. I can’t make myself go and see that maybe they spent their final days alone in a pet store. What if one died and the other lived? What would just one do? It would be so sad. Would it want to end it’s life without its buddy? Someday soon I should go see if they are still there. I have had tremendous loss in my life but no matter how much I have hurt I don’t want these, or any animals, to die alone.

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