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Jallikattu: cruel popular sport


Grunge India flag. India flag with grunge texture. Brush stroke.


In early 2019, observers attended seven jallikattu events in the following locations: Alanganallur, Avaniapuram, and Palamedu in Madurai district; Keelapanaiyur and Viralimalai in Pudukkottai district; Ulagampatti in Dindigul district; and Alagumalai in Tiruppur district.

The eyewitnesses confirmed that bulls are poked and jabbed with sticks and sickles, hit, jumped on, tackled, bitten, and otherwise mistreated.
Exhausted and dehydrated animals were forced to participate in jallikattu after standing in queues overnight – for as long as 16 hours – without adequate shelter or sufficient water or feed. They were yanked roughly by nose ropes, causing their nostrils to bleed, and many collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration after the events.


The mental and physical torture bulls are subjected to are in apparent direct violation of many regulations.

Nobody wants to kill the bull here, as is the case with the Spanish Corrida. Nevertheless, the animals suffer a lot. In order to make the bulls aggressive, they are sometimes given alcohol or rubbed with chilli in the eyes. Bulls have even been tortured with electric shocks to the testicles.


The well-known animal rights activist and politician Maneka Gandhi said: “The bulls are kept in dark rooms for weeks, they are given alcohol to drink and beaten. When released into an arena, dozens of drunken young men throw themselves at them and try to tear their horns away. Bulls are killed. People die”!


In 2014 the Jallikattu were banned by the Indian Supreme Court, at the request of animal rights activists. Two years ago, the state government reintroduced the tradition after thousands of people protested!! Things have changed, because under the pressure of the Tamil people from the same court it was canceled.

In January 2018, the AWBI issued guidelines for the conduct of jallikattu events and shared them with Tamil Nadu officials, advising them to share the guidelines in turn with authorities throughout the state.

Rules listed under the Tamil Nadu PCA (Conduct of Jallikattu) Rules, 2017, and the AWBI’s 2018 guidelines are brazenly violated.

Jallikattu 10pg

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that none of the regulations hold jallikattu organisers or bull abusers suitably accountable or liable for punishment. This loophole in the legislation gives them a free pass to continue abusing bulls and putting humans in harm’s way.

The documented findings and evidence of abuse prove that no amount of regulation can prevent cruelty to bulls during jallikattu events.


The mental and physical torture bulls are subjected to are in apparent direct violation of many regulations.

Documented photographs by PETA India from Avaniapuram, Palamedu, Alanganallur, Thirunallur and Maravapatti show how brutal it was. The video shows how bulls are pulled by ropes in their noses until they bleed.

The organizers beat the animals, bite them and break their bones. And that’s just the part that happens outside the arena.

It’s not hard to see that bulls used for jallikattu don’t race for fun. The spectacle relies on physical and psychological abuse to instigate bulls – who are naturally nervous prey animals and not anatomically suited to running – to spar or race.

1-Jallikattu-3All one has to do is look at photographs or videos from jallikattu events to understand how vicious the practice is. Shouting mobs of participants beat, bite, and whip bulls so that the animals sprint to escape the violence – and spectators often hit them as they flee, too.

An explanation is given for this! – Indian bullfighting today also reflects the contrast between powerful landowners who breed the bulls and send them into battle, and poor peasant boys who, in this way, protest as fighters against the traditional social order.

At Jallikattu, bulls are let into an arena where people pounce on them to hold on and sit on them. It was only five years ago that the highest court in India banned this practice because it violated the Animal Welfare Act.
But in 2017, the state of Tamil Nadu decided to allow Jallikattu again, so it took place in several locations again in January.

Since the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act  2017 was passed, at least 43 humans (including 11 spectators), 14 bulls, and one cow have been killed during these events.

Deliberately tormenting bulls – who are nervous prey animals – is inhumane. During jallikattu events, participants poke and jab bulls with sticks and sickles and stab, hit, bite, jump on, and tackle them. Many bulls sustain broken bones and severe injuries, collapse from exhaustion and dehydration, and even die.


The Supreme Court recognises that using them for spectacles like jallikattu and races – forcing bulls to run for their lives by frightening and hurting them – is inherently cruel, and it rightfully upheld a ban on their use in performances in 2014.

Yet the torture and abuse continue to this day, despite a public outcry, animal protection laws, and the threat to both animal and human safety.

Now help us stop the cruelty to animals at Jallikattu. Sign the PETA India petition and tell everyone!

My Comment: I purposely posted the video (above) from the San Fermin bull rush in Pamplona. Because I immediately thought of this bull rush when I saw the video from India.

Terrifyingly similar! obviously globalization also exists in cruelty to animals.

It is not a tradition! it is the other word for cruel mass entertainment as we know it in many countries.

Anyone who tortures or murders animals in the name of tradition still lives on the trees, and this means at least half of the world’s population.

My best regards to all, Venus

Tibet: Tibet sees 27.7 percent fall in glacier ice coverage, research finds.

free tibet 2



All information reproduced from  – Free Tibet; London, England. 

Tibet sees 27.7 percent fall in glacier ice coverage, research finds


China has lost around 20 percent glacier coverage between 1970 and 2010, while Tibet has seen a fall of 27.7 percent, research finds. 

China has lost around a fifth of its glacier ice coverage between 1970 and 2010, the national newspaper Guangming Daily and Chinese state news organisation The Global Times reported in December, citing “official research.”

The country had 60,500 square kilometres of glacier ice coverage in the 1970s but the figure dropped to 48,000 square kilometers in 2010, marking a fall of over 20 percent.

 48,410 individual glaciers existed in China during the 1970s but around 8,300 have disappeared.

The highest losses have been seen in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), where 7,680 square kilometres of glacier ice have reportedly melted. This represents around 27.7 percent of its glacier coverage.

Yang Wei, an associate research fellow with the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research told The Global Times the main reason the glaciers have melted is global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions.


free tibet fire

A second research fellow with the institute, Wu Guangjian, told The Global Times that the temperatures on the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau climbed 0.4ºC per decade which is around twice the global average.

The news was one of the top ten most discussed subjects on popular Chinese communication website Wiebo during 23 December attracting over 160 million reads and 17,000 comments, The Global Times said. Many of those commenting on the article called for measures to reduce emissions.

The news comes after reports of unusual glacier collapses in Tibet, and projections by climate experts  of possible 4.5ºC to 5ºC warming in the Himalayas by the end of the century. 

Joseph Shea, a geographer and cryosphere expert at the University of Northern British Columbia, told Free Tibet he believes the changes are mostly a result of global CO2 emissions, particularly following “a century and a half of emissions from the biggest industrial countries in the world.”

Tibetans will be affected by the climate crisis, he added.



In Tibet the Chinese Communist Party oversees what some have called the world’s largest open air prison.

The authorities have the power to switch the light on and off, peering into Tibetans’ emails one moment and making political prisoners vanish from their families and friends, apparently into darkness, the next. Help us push for Tibet’s hidden political prisoners to be found and released


free tibet 3

Romania: The Live Export Sheep Trade Is Killing Farmers -Romania Needs Meat Processing; and Fast !


‘A whole sheep for £18’: how live exports are hurting farmers in Romania


Country’s lack of meat processing facilities means livestock must be shipped to international markets – at a high cost to both shepherds and welfare

Gheorghe Dănulețiu, also known as Ghiță Ciobanul (Ghiță the shepherd), has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook after he featured in an advertising campaign that went viral, but he leads the modest life of a traditional shepherd.

Looking after 1,500 sheep in western Romania, Dănulețiu’s life changes with the seasons. During lambing in spring, he barely sleeps four hours a night while in winter he leads his sheep in a three- to four-week journey from the mountains down to graze in the valley

Even when the temperature drops below -30C(-22F), Dănulețiu sleeps next to his animals, wrapped in his sheepskin under the starry sky and ready to protect his flock in case of a wolf attack.

“I inherited this [role] from my father – who had a few hundred sheep – but I also love it, I love animals,” Dănulețiu says.

However, like all Romanian shepherds with small and medium-sized flocks, Dănulețiu is struggling in a market dominated by a few live animal exporters, big farmers and hypermarkets.

“The sheep trade has become a mockery,” he says. “We sell a sheep for 100 Romanian leu (about £18). I can’t afford to pay good salaries and I can’t find workers any more – young people see that it’s all going downhill. I have the impression that this is political, that they’re trying to destroy the sector.”




UK: Government Research Proposal – Make big polluters pay for mass tree planting, officials say. 100 Million New Tress Planted a Year, Paid for by Polluters – Oil Companies and Airlines.



Make big polluters pay for mass tree planting, officials say


Image result for tree saplings


Oil companies and airlines could fund 100m trees a year, says Committee on Climate Change

The planting of 100m trees a year in the UK to tackle the climate emergency could be paid for by new carbon levies on oil companies and airlines, the government’s official climate adviser has proposed.

The Committee on Climate Change also recommends banning the burning of grouse moors and the sale of peat compost to protect the nation’s bogs, which can store huge amounts of carbon. Voluntary measures have failed, it said.

The CCC’s new report concludes that fundamental changes in land use are needed to cut emissions from farming and get the nation on track to meet its legally binding target of net zero by 2050. It proposes cutting red meat eating by 20%, with the move to more plant-based diets freeing up a fifth of all farmland for new woodland.

The CCC’s plan for slashing emissions from agriculture also requires better management of manure, cutting methane from cattle with better feeds and growing crops that can be burned to produce electricity instead of natural gas.

The plan would cost £1.4bn a year but provide benefits of at least £4bn by cutting global heating and air pollution and improving flood protection and green spaces for people to enjoy. “That, in our assessment, seems like a price very much worth paying,” said Chris Stark, chief executive of the CCC.

Lord Deben, chair of the CCC, said: “This is one of the most important reports that we have ever produced because a change in land use is absolutely essential if we’re going to meet [the legal] requirements of reducing to net zero by 2050. It requires immediate government action. We are in a race against time.”

The UK is preparing to leave the European Union and the bloc’s subsidy scheme, which provides £3.3bn a year to farmers based mainly on the area of land owned. The government has pledged that the replacement scheme will pay farmers public money for public goods, such as tree planting.

Other groups have called for radical overhauls of farmland, which occupies 70% of the UK. Rewilding Britain suggests that a quarter of the UK’s land could be restored to nature, while an RSA commission said the true costs of cheap food were the climate crisis and a health crisis. A former chief scientific adviser to the UK government said in December that half of the nation’s farmland needed to be transformed into woodlands and natural habitat.

The most eye-catching part of the CCC’s plan, according to Stark, is the proposal that new levies on fossil fuel suppliers, airlines and other carbon-emitting industries pay for the tree-planting programme. Farmers and landowners would be paid either via annual auctions of contracts to create woodland or from a carbon trading scheme, the CCC said.

The cost would be about £700m a year, Stark said. “You could imagine a world where that was all paid for from a fossil fuel levy, but that is a decision for the Treasury.” Such a system would mean the polluter pays, said Deben, but the aviation industry would still need to keep emissions at 2005 levels.

The National Farmers Union revealed a plan for agriculture to end its net emissions by 2040 in September, a decade earlier than the CCC plan. It requires no cut in meat eating or livestock numbers and no conversion of substantial areas of farmland into forest. It relies heavily on bioenergy crops removing CO2 from the atmosphere, which is then captured and buried after being burned.

Deben praised the NFU plan as a remarkable change. “NFU president, Minette Batters, has done a very significant job. But the truth is she hasn’t been able to include anything about diet and reduction in the number of animals”, both of which the CCC deem essential.

Stark said cutting the UK’s “scandalous” level of food waste by 20% was vital. Better food labelling and separate food waste collections would help, as well as linking charges for household recycling to the quantity of food waste, the CCC said.

The 20% cut in red meat and dairy consumption proposed by the CCC is much lower than other recent analyses which have indicated 80-90% reductions are needed. “It is some way short of the 80% or so reduction that’s recommended by the public health guidelines for red meat,” said Stark. The CCC focused only on the emissions cuts needed to bring UK greenhouse gas emissions to zero, he said, and not health or other pollution that livestock cause.


Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth


“There is no doubt we need a major transformation in farming and land use to tackle both climate and nature emergencies,” said Vicki Hird of the Sustain alliance, who welcomed much of the report. But she said the ambition on cutting meat consumption was low and warned that technology that could capture CO2 from bioenergy crops was untested in the UK.

Sandra Bell, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “The way land is used and abused has been a big contributor to climate breakdown and loss of wildlife, and this is why it needs to change.” However she said the CCC’s woodland creation target needed to be twice as high.


,,, and across the Pond, we get …

trump digs coal 1


Meat production: someone else always dies


I rarely eat meat …
I only eat organic meat …
I only eat meat from animals I know …
I only eat meat from the farmers in the village …
I only eat local meat …

Endless excuses. In the end, someone else always dies.

tote Kuh im Schlachthof_n

There will never be animal welfare in factory farming! The meat eaters should finally stop soothing their consciences with this illusion!

The extent of animal suffering on Earth has reached dimensions that are hard to grasp. More than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

The industry that benefits from the exploitation and abuse of animals is hiding behind a wall of secrecy.
The less the meat consumer knows about it, the easier it is to make him a collaborator.

“I worked in the industry, could write a book about it! If you say something, you will be violently silenced and threatened with dismissal”, says a slaughterhouse worker!

Schlachthofarbeiter mit Bold_n

With meat production of around 8 million tons, Germany is the largest meat producer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Pork is produced the most!
Every day, 48,000 pigs end up in the dumpster with full consciousness; they are waste and are not used.
This meat is promoted with tax money!

The number one largest meat producer in the world is China with an incredible production of almost 80 million tons of meat. China is also the largest pork consumer in the world, with an average consumption of 32 kilograms of pork per person.

The USA has almost twice as much meat production as Brazil and is the second largest meat producer in the world – at around 40 million tons. Pork and chicken dominate the market here, which can also be easily seen in the per capita consumption. The USA has an average consumption of 45 kilos of chicken per person.

Now we come to the top 3. With a production of around 23 million tons, Brazil is not only the third largest meat producer in the world, but also the largest meat producer in South America. Similar to Argentina, Brazil is not only known regionally, but even internationally for its beef. After Argentina and Uruguay, Brazil therefore has the third highest per capita consumption of beef.

Worldwide, 21 million male calves are murdered annually. They are seen as “waste products” of the dairy industry. It is well known that millions of day-old chicks are killed as “surplus laying hen production”. Less known is that there is a similar problem in dairy farming.

Like male entry chicks, male calves are killed immediately after birth.
New figures show that around 95,000 male calves are disposed in Germany every year.

Kälber in Kontainerjpg

This year: Europe citizens’ initiative “end the cage age” reached 1.2 million signatures.
We are still waiting for the 1.2 million EU citizens to meet their request.
The German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner wants to extend the crate for pigs for another 17 years!!
Although 1.2 million EU citizens want the opposite.


Those who started the initiative “end the cage age” are gone.
They did their duty, so to speak, and now they are taking care of the good relationships with the new EU Commission boss (and old well-known rivets as Ex-defense minister of Germany) Ursula von der Leyen.

The fatal paradox in the animal rights movement is that we are unable to define and fight our enemies.
And that is because we do not see this struggle as a continuation of the struggle for human rights, that is, as a political struggle against slavery.

parallele Sklaverei Tier mensch_n

We are at war and unfortunately the opponents win.

It must be admitted that one of the greatest gains of the capitalist system is the deformation of this society to cowardly, discouraged, obedient servants!

We are systematically educated every day to be apolitical.
And even worse, we, the animal rights activists are played against each other by the system, with the aim: Divide et impera, divide and conquer!

It is time to leave sentimentalities and system conforming actions aside and focus on the collective and good planed fight for animal rights.
This is our mission, we owe it to the animals because they only have us.

My best regards to all, Venus


Further Update:


I am adding some more pictures to this excellent post by it further supports some of the footage shown in the video.


It is of a farm in Serbia; Europe – November 2010.

Look at the conditions which these animals are being kept in. We supply photos from the investigations here below (different dates).  When the Government Ministry was asked about the conditions; they replied ‘ Conditions are ok; so don’t pressure us !’ – eat meat from this place? – No thanks !!!



Here is the link to the post done at the time:


But they obviously did (really) think there was a problem; they just did not like us exposing it –  and their solution was to have the farmer throw straw onto the liquid excrement; here is a further link we did to cover this:

Above – proof of date when taken.



By July 2012 very little had changed -so we exposed conditions again:


This is Europe 2010-2012; how many times do we have to flag this up to government inspectors without being told ‘not to hassle them !’

Who is not doing their job, we asked then; has anything changed by now ?


Regards Mark (WAV / SAV).


PS – the links we give show a few more photos if you wish to view them – along with words of what we knew and had at the time.

Put Reckless World Leaders On Notice About Climate Change.


Photo Credit: Dr. Bogdan


Put Reckless World Leaders on Notice About Climate Change

Posted by Tiffany White


petition keyboard


Petition Link:


Target: Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

Goal: Combat climate change and protect our planet from imminent destruction.

Scientists have predicted that the Amazon rainforests could be approaching an irreversible “tipping point” in their survival. The planet as a whole may be approaching this same point of no return. As the leaders of the world’s major economies converge in Davos, now is the time to confront this crisis head-on.


bol 1


While the World Economic Forum promises a focus on climate change at the Davos meeting, evidence of a true, worthwhile commitment is scarce. Opportunistic politicians around the world are throwing fire on this explosive crisis. The deforestation policies of Brazil’s president contributed to the raging Amazon wildfires of 2019. At the same time, the Australian president’s refusal to address climate change in meaningful ways has only exacerbated the infernos in that region.


morrison fire 3


trump environment 2


And Davos’ 2020 keynote speaker, President Donald Trump, is preparing to tack revoked protections for wetlands and streams on to his 95-and-counting current environmental rollbacks. Just days before the Davos meeting, the president tweeted this mocking “advice” to New Yorkers dealing with rising sea levels: “get your mops and buckets ready!”

Without unified, true global leadership, humanity runs the imminent risk of destroying its own home. Sign the petition to hold these leaders accountable for ensuring this planet’s future.




Dear Professor Schwab,

The World Economic Forum recently listed climate change as an urgent concern amongst worldwide populations. For all of the differences and conflicts between countries and cultures, we all share this common enemy…an enemy of our own making. The time for talking has long passed, and the time for action is yesterday.

“Stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world:” this theme will drive Davos 2020, but a few speeches will not be enough. Do not let any one person co-opt this important summit or detract from its mission. Please carry this mission forward with purposeful intent. Let this annual gathering of world leaders be a starting point for a productive and proactive year where sustaining and safeguarding this world remains a top priority for earth’s economic powers.

The cost of inaction is far too high.


[Your Name Here]



USA: UPDATE: Alleged Dogfighter Loses Battle to Get Back Seized Dogs.



UPDATE: Alleged Dogfighter Loses Battle to Get Back Seized Dogs

Posted by Jane Wolfe | January 20, 2020


SIGN: Justice for 49 Wounded Dogs Forced to Live in Own Urine and Feces


On January 16, a judge ruled that dozens of dogs seized by authorities will not be returned to defendant Elmer James Givens Jr.

Givens is suspected of first-degree animal cruelty and animal fighting after a tip led to authorities searching his garage in Tacoma, Wash., and finding 49 pit bulls locked inside small, dark cages. The dogs looked starved and lived in their own excrement.

Malnourished, injured and scarred, the dogs are believed to have been used in dogfighting activities. Authorities uncovered items related to dogfighting at the accused’s home, including first-aid kits, medicines, and training apparatuses.

After being released without charge, Givens went to court to try and convince the judge to return the seized dogs. Fortunately, Pierce County Judge Jeanette Lineberry refused his request because “the court has serious concerns about [the dogs] suffering future neglect or abuse.”

The recent ruling is great news, but no formal charges have been filed against the perpetrator.

A Lady Freethinker petition calling for justice for these maltreated dogs has garnered over 25,500 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed and supported this ongoing case, but more signatures are needed to ensure that these innocent, abused dogs get the justice they deserve.

Please, sign this petition urging Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mary Robnett to prosecute the culprit to the fullest extent of the law.

SIGN: Justice for 49 Wounded Dogs Forced to Live in Own Urine and Feces


The “skull drill” Logothetis leaves Germany


banane rep deutschlandpg


SOKO animal protection

Animal experimenter Logothetis, Director at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen for biological cybernetics, flees to a country without press freedom and without animal protection law, to China.


In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which likes to print propaganda from the animal experiments lobby, a fan complains about the loss of the “skull drill” Logothetis. One would have misrepresented his animal experiments …

MPI Affe 3Image: SOKO Tierschutz


So it continues to tinker with the victim myth. So let’s get to the facts.

1) The experiments were carried out illegally under Logothetis, because the voluntary freedom of the animals according to the application and approval was not given, but the experiments were forced through violence, anesthesia or liquid deprivation.

MPI Affe. gefüttertjpg

2) In the Logothetis laboratory, the monkeys suffered the most severe side effects, such as meningitis, strokes and paralysis, among other things due to sluggish surgical methods and poor hygiene.

foto-affe-labor_1Image: SOKO Tierschutz


3) In the Logothetis laboratory, dying, sick monkey Stella was carried out cruel attempts to the end despite the stroke and hemiplegia, even though the animal should have been euthanized. Stella was not an isolated case.

Stella MPIImage: SOKO Tierschutz


4) In the laboratory, an intern without any knowledge was allowed to carry out serious animal tests on rats which were fatal due to the lack of practice.https: // ((unfortunately in German!!)


We have reported about this several times in the past: 1)


5) There was a severe outbreak of disease (TBC) in the Logothetis laboratory and potentially dangerous diseases for humans, including multi-resistant germs. However, hygiene was poor and was not taken seriously.

6) These bad practices have a long tradition. A notification by an authority was pending against the institute under Logothetis in the period 2010-2012.
This ad was due to poor practice, poor knowledge – for example in surgical sutures that had bad consequences for an animal.

Blutverschmierter Affe MPIjpg

The only answer to these facts came in the form of a dirt campaign by animal experiment fans.
Instead of facts and arguments, there were lies, murder and even a crime. A senior MPI employee was convicted of pretending to be a criminal offense. She had claimed to have been attacked by animal rights activists (!!!)

It is logical that Logothetis, after retiring and after the majority of German researchers rightly refused to support him, seeks refuge in a country without animal welfare law, criticism and free media.
Because there he can drill monkey heads free and continue his bad research without obstacles.
He does it like other industries that go to China to exploit people uninhibitedly or to poison the environment. In this case with animals only.

But he shouldn’t be wrong!
Animal torture cannot hide in China either.
And Logothetis should not be surprised if the determined Chinese want to see success, and will not be fed off with almost nothing for decades, like the Germans with their taxpayer millions.
Some innovative young researchers in China will shake their heads in disbelief at what has been bought from Germany.

Laboraffe mit KleinemjpgImage: SOKO Tierschutz


My comment: Logothetis:  “My research was destroyed with strong effects on my health. !! I would have liked to have stayed in Germany, but given the circumstances, it is no longer possible for me to continue my work in Tübingen.

We can breathe a sigh of relief and just say: One less asshole in Germany’s laboratory industry!

As far as I know, no more monkey trials will take place at the MPI in Tübingen in the future.

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: The “Greyhound” Holocaust


As it says in Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty:  “… animals are sentient beings. The overall goal is to ensure that the animals do not suffer any avoidable pain or suffering. ”

The Spanish Galgeros don’t give a shit about it!


spanische flagge mit Stier


A cruel fate awaits over 50,000 galgos in Spain at the end of the hunting season. They are traditionally bred for hunting and used for pleasure and greed by the so-called galgueros (hunters). Without food and water, the galgos live their sad lives in dirty, narrow bunkers without daylight. Every day is hell for them.

misshandelde galgosjpg

They are always the same pictures: Galgos, emaciated to the bone, whose ribs can be counted with the naked eye. Then there are those with obviously broken legs and open flesh wounds as well as those for whom – hung on the tree – tragically all help comes too late. These pictures can only mean one thing: The hunting season in Spain is officially over.

The hunting season with galgos goes from October to late January, but their abuse is ubiquitous all year round.

But at the end of January, when the hunting season ends, the situation for the galgos gets worse than ever.

FOTO mit aufgehängten Galgo

What now with the many hunting dogs that are no longer needed? Nobody wants to bear the costs for food, accommodation, water and veterinarian until next year. Then these animals are killed en masse.
New mass graves are discovered every day with galgos.

Massengrab von Galgos _n

In Spain, the Galgo is pure goods. Its value depends on its performance. In the classifieds market, the price starts with one euro for a Galgo puppy. Animals that have won a few races or have champions in the ancestral row quickly make it to a few thousand euros.

galgo training pgTraining takes place behind cars and motorcycles in summer.

Hunting and coursing for four months, always running, rushing, hunting, alone, in pairs, in a pack, four months of top performance. And top performance takes a toll.

The dog is too tired? Take another one!

The dog is too slow? Take another one!

The dog got hurt? Take another one! It’s about honor, it’s about pride, no galguero can get along with two dogs, an average of 10 to 15 are used per season by a galguero

Animals that no longer achieve the desired performance are disposed of ice cold. The galgueros break their legs so that they become useless. They throw them into wells where the galgos starve to death.


The hanging of the galgos even has a name, “tocar el piano”, in English “playing the piano”, since the galgo just touches the ground with its paws and struggles for its life, like when a piano player hits the keys, but it does is not a game, it is a cruel, cowardly murder by hand of a brutal, human scum!

The galgo hangs strangled from a tree so that it can barely tap its feet on the ground. Not so that he can survive, but so that he can prolong his agony himself a little.


The dog was hung up because it did not catch a rabbit while hunting. This goes against the hunter’s pride and must be paid for with death.

sterbender Galgo_n

Hunting with the Spanish greyhounds “Galgos”  is prohibited in the rest of the EU. Only not in Spain. You can see that this is systematic cruelty to animals by the fact that around 50,000 galgos dangle from the trees every year.

The protest against the handling of greyhounds is getting louder and louder: In a petition called “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists, for example, ask EU politicians: Stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.”

The international petition the platform has already been signed by more than 127,000 people.

Hunting with galgos is particularly widespread in the regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla and León, Madrid and Andalusia, i.e. in the middle of the country and in southern Spain. The dogs are kept in remote crates in the hinterland where tourists don’t notice!!


Hunting is a popular sport in Spain, a license is easily available. But hunting events across Spain have also become big events that serve entertainment and machismo.

Animal rights activists appeal to the European Parliament

The protest against the handling of greyhounds is getting louder and louder: In a petition called “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists, for example, ask EU politicians: “Stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.”

The international petition the platform has already been signed by more than 127,000 people.


Please sign and share the petition:


And I mean…There has never really existed a civilized Spain.
The Spanish Inquisition was founded on November 1, 1478.
It was only abolished on July 15, 1834 under Isabella II.
How much does it do? 365 years !!
The 320 years of the Conquista y Colonización and the 36 years of the Franco dictatorship naturally have to be counted towards this.

The “few” million murdered indigenous of Latin America are also due to the civilized Spain.
Because the Spaniards always claimed that the Indians had no soul and were not part of the human species, they also played executioners in this continent.
That was the black past, but the present doesn’t look better.

50,000 galgos per year brutally executed by hunters and breeders in Spain.
Approximately 200,000 animals are abandoned each year.
In Spain, an animal is thrown onto the street every 6 minutes, the official number of strays is 200,000 per year, but the dark number is much higher.

According to RSPCA statistics, Spain is the country with the highest animal cruelty rate in Europe.

Don’t forget the bullfighting – in November 2013, the corrupt People’s Party, together with the bullfighting mafia, declared animal fighting to “world heritage”.
We must also mention other blood fiestas! the Toro de la Vega, the Toro del Fuego, the slow death of horses in Galicia due to wooden truncheons, they are also part of the “cultural heritage” of the country!

The Bullfights in Spain – under the guise of “agricultural subsidies”- are financed with our money, from the EU’s subsidies pot.
According to a Spanish MP, around 130 million euros flow from the EU to Spanish bull farmers each year.
Around 27 million euros of this comes from Germany.

A little hope arises after the election of the new government, in which the left-wing party “Podemos” also participates.
Not that we have had any great support for animal rights from the left to date … but at least we have one less fascist government in Europe.

karikatur galguero_totA pity, that it cannot be realized …

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Mr Trump; In Case You Had Not Noticed, The World IS Now On Fire !




US President Donald Trump has decried climate “prophets of doom” in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where sustainability is the main theme.

He called for a rejection of “predictions of the apocalypse” and said America would defend its economy.


Trump Clown 3

trump digs coal 1


australien kangourujpg

morrison fire 2


Mr Trump did not directly name the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, who was in the audience.

Later, she excoriated political leaders, saying the world:

“in case you hadn’t noticed, is currently on fire”.


australien brändepg

trump environment 2


Environmental destruction is at the top of the agenda at the annual summit of the world’s decision-makers, which takes place at a Swiss ski resort.


bol 2

bol 8

trump environment 3