England: 3/5 – ‘Arianne’.



My little darling Arianne crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon. This is why I have not done any posts for the last day or more. She had a really aggressive form of stomach and abdominal cancer which has taken her from a strong and healthy cat to a lifeless little soul in just a matter of weeks. Sudden; very sudden.

A very similar situation to that of Eco warrior Polly Higgins who died just a few weeks ago – see our post at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/25/eco-warrior-polly-higgins-has-died/

‘Ari’ as she was known to all, first became my good friend about 15 years ago; when I captured and saved this little mite who was out on the streets. She had lost a large part of her coat; probably due to very little food; and was simply in a real sorry state. I took her to a veterinary friend to see if she had any microchip – we scanned her; found nothing; and so I remember telling her on the way back home in the car that she was going to have to put up with me from now on !

I named her Arianne after a girl in a track from one of my favorite bands – Led Zeppelin – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0DAnu5Sq6k – I played it a lot – thanks ‘Planty’.

She was special; as all our own pets are. She had a real habit of jumping up onto my lap whilst I was trying to write posts for either this (WAV) site or the sister site, ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/ Her situation at home on my lap made it all the more difficult to get easy access to the keyboard as I had to perform a series of convulsions with my arms; but that was always after she had been welcomed and given hugs and strokes first. At times I considered getting her opinion of things from a cats perspective; but I never followed up with it.

She was so strong and ‘street wise’ – and in all her time with me I think we probably only saw the vet a few times for relatively simple ailments. So watching her go downhill so suddenly in the last 3 or 4 weeks has really been a shock to me. She was suffering and in pain, not eating or drinking; and this afternoon, (3/5) I decided with massive deep regret that I could not continue to watch her deteriorate to nothing but skin and bone over the next week or so. I consulted, and there was no cure for her condition; in the end she would have died from the cancer and from lack of food and fluid intake. It is always immensely difficult to decide when to say goodbye to a loving and cherished companion; but for me, today was the day – animal welfare comes as the priority wanting before my own personal wishes of keeping her, come what May, and the suffering which would go with it.

It was really bad for me personally at the time this afternoon, but she passed here in her own home; being stroked and spoken to gently by a couple of us; telling her what a great little friend she was; so she did not die alone and in a strange place; unlike the many millions of strays, factory farmed prisoners, or lab imprisoned innocents who suffer at the hands of us; good (?) old man every single day.

With love; lots of good food and a caring home; her coat regrew from nothing in the start, becoming a beautiful black / brown in the early days. As time went on; her coat changed, showing more and more of the beautiful little ‘Tortoiseshell’ that she was.

I sometimes used to call her ‘Moonbear’, as she always reminded me of the bears rescued by Animals Asia – a little golden yellow patch on her chest – see the picture.

Wherever she has gone today; I hope she runs free and with full health and vigor once again. If she brings just half the joy to another owner somewhere that she delivered to me, then they will be a very lucky person.

Run free Ari and wait for me at the bridge; I will be back to reunite with you someday.

Mark xx

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