England: 12/5/19 – Mark’s Garden Visitors.



I want to share with you some photographs I took yesterday evening (12/5/19) of a few visitors who come into the front garden every evening. They are coming round for some food, which I always supply; but just as importantly, and being an ex volunteer fox rescuer for the ‘Fox Project’ which is based here in Kent –


– please check out their website; I make sure I can do a very regular health check on them to make sure there are no problems; especially Mange.

So here they are; pictures from yesterday, taken from my front door. I never encourage foxes to come too close; as not everyone is like me regarding Vulpines; but if you have some in your area; they have a very sweet tooth; and love jam sandwiches, some cake, bsiscuits, sausage rolls; or any dog or cat food which is left over. I always mix this up with some really broken digestive biscuits to just ‘bulk up’ what they get.


Regards Mark


Additional link – the National Fox Welfare Society – NFWS – (England). Along with the Fox Project; both dedicated to saving, helping, and improving the lives of foxes.





Below (2 photos) – I like these; just lucky to catch the ‘eyes’ in the photos – Mark.




So; where’s the ‘Scoff’ ? – You always give me some !



Above – A good healthy tail (Brush) is always a ‘Mange Free’ sign




Below – A video from the NFWS showing the rescue and treatment of a fox with Mange – Before and After:


Update 13/5/19 – Some additional shots I took this evening – how can any tosser kill or injure these ? – they have a big problem in the voids that are called their heads ! – for me it is a real pleasure to welcome these guys into the garden each night :






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